Alejandro’s Finals Performance Video

Today is the first day of the reign of the new World Champion. Congratulations again to Alejandro, El Salvador, and HasBean who roasted his delicious coffee.

Here is the video of the performance that won it all.

Alejandro did not place first in either the semi finals (4th) or the first round (3rd) of the WBC.  It was this performance in the final round that sealed his win.

Well done Alejandro!

His win has us singing this song all day:


The 2011 World Barista Champion

The New WBC Champion Alejandro Mendez

Thanks to this photo by Nuova Simonelli, here is the little guy from El Salvador who just won the 2011 World Barista Championships.

Champion: Alejandro Mendez – El Salvador 710.5 pts

2nd Place: Pete Licata, USA 659.5 pts.

3rd Place: Matt Perger, Australia 659 pts.

4th Place: Javier Garcia, Spain 631.5 pts.

5th Place: Miki Suzuki, Japan 629.5 pts.

6th Place, John Gordon, UK 613.5 pts.


This is it folks! The 2011 WBC FINAL ROUND. So grab  your brown bags and blunts and ask your mom to convert your time zones, cuz this shit is real and going down on SUNDAY JUNE 5TH 2011.

Click the pic, or right here if you’re slow. If you don’t know, now you know.

Semi Finals Videos Posted

You can see the semi finalists presentations on video by going to the link on Live Stream.

Semi Finals Videos of WBC 2011 Bogota

Stefanos [Photo]

Stefanos Setting Up (via @klaus_thomsen

(via @1shot4theroad)

Caption This Contest


“They put his microphone where?” – Matt Perger


More Semi Finals Pics From the Show Floor

Perger in Prep Time (via @em_oak)

(via @em_oak)

Javier Garcia about to kick off (via @em_oak)

Coffee Display (via @jimseven)

Syphon of Mucilage (via @jimseven)

Miki's Signature Drink Card (via @jimseven)

Miki Pouring Capps (via @jimseven)