WBC Bogota Barista Bingo

You asked for it, so here it is:


How to play:

1. Watch any round of the WBC on the LiveStream or in person.

2. When a competitor or emcee says or does one of the items listed on the BINGO card, mark out that box.

3. Complete 5 squares in a row, diagonally, vertically or horizontally, stand up and shout “BINGO” and YOU WIN! In the event of a tie, whoever shouted first or loudest is the Champion.  Juan Valdez in the center square is a FREE SPACE.

4. There are no losers in Bogota Barista Bingo. Only Champions!


Alternate Game Play

Same rules as above, except accompany your box-crossing by taking a DRINK of your favorite beverage – coffee, espresso, cappuccino, sparkling apple juice, beer, cerveza, rum, tequila, booze. Mixed drinks, iced tea, milk and juice are also acceptable.

Sorry but soy milk, vanilla lattes, and pod-coffee is not allowed.



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