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Caption This Contest


“They put his microphone where?” – Matt Perger



Backstage View, WBC Competitor’s Prep


Has Klaus Thomsen defected?!

There’s some questionable spelling on this credential, but more interestingly, it looks like WBC Champion Klaus Thomsen is claiming to be from the Estados Unidos!


Day One: Before dawn

The sun is yet to rise here in Bogota but our trusty iPhone weather app assures us it’s going to be a great day.
The hustle and bustle of barista setup and the clinking of glassware can be heard all across the Corferias Convention center.


All the action from the 2011 WBC kicks off in a little under three hours from now. Be sure sit back, watch and play BINGO!

LiveStream: WBC TV

Not going to Bogota, or can’t see from the audience?

Check the livestream for all the onstage action.

Our handy chart will show you who is competing at what time (approximately) with Global Time Zone conversions.

WBC Competitor #1 Ryan Tan of Singapore is on at 8:15 on Thursday morning Bogota time (14:15 GMT).

Waiting for Bogota: no longer

Nuovo Simonelli, awesome espresso machinery sponsor for the WBC 2009- 2011, made this lovely video in preparation for Bogota.

No more waiting!

Re-live the winning performance from the 2010 WBC

Michael Phillips – World Barista Champion 2010