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Who Are These Guys? Australia – Denmark

Our research team has been doing recon to compile more details on many of the WBC competitors. Here’s our guide to more info about these champs, including their tweeters, blogs, where they make coffee, interviews & more.

If you have any info on any of the competitors not-yet-listed, use the contact form to send us deets. (blogs, interviews, embarrassing videos, tweets, and the like)

AUSTRALIA – Matthew Ian Perger

Matty in New Zealand

tweets: @mattperger


he works at:

Matt’s Barista Report from Coffee Common

video interview:

Matt’s WBC intro video: 

AUSTRIA – Cem Korkmaz

Cem’s WBC intro video features an instrumental version of Annie Are You Ok

BELGIUM – Kathleen Serdons

Read a bit more about her here.

Kathleen’s WBC intro video including a nice farm visit in Brazil, and she shares a Belgian secret to big crema: 

BRAZIL – Felipe Oliveira

Felipe at the Brazil Championship

Felipe makes coffee at: Lucca Cafes Especiais where they have a history of competition wins

News article here.

BULGARIA – Patrik Vilelmsson

He is a barista trainer at Bulgaria Barista Academy

Patrik’s WBC intro video: 

CANADA – Rob Kettner

Coffee Common – Day 1

Rob at Coffee Common/TED2011

tweets: @RobKettner

Rob makes coffee: Fernwood Coffee, Victoria, BC

Rob’s Barista Report from Coffee Common

Rob’s WBC intro video: 


Lina and Miki in Colombia

tweets: @LinaM1990

she makes coffee at Amor Perfecto

DENMARK – AnneStine Bae

tweets: @AnnestineBae

she makes coffee at: The Coffee Collective, Copenhagen

Blog post about her coffee & WBC prep: Cypesel, Finca Vista Hermosa by Coffee Collective

AnneStine’s WBC intro video: 


Photo of the Semi-Finalists


Søren Stiller Markussen – Denmark

Raul Rodas – Guatemala

Fabrizio Sencion – Mexico

Kyle Straw – Canada

Ana Lucia Lardizabal De Hawit – Honduras

Mike Phillips – USA

Scottie Callaghan – Australia

Yara Castanho – Brazil

Thomas Schweiger – Germany

Colin Harmon – Ireland

Alejandro Mendez – El Salvador

Stefanos Domatiotis – Greece

Kyle Straw