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Who Are These Guys? El Salvador – Norway

Our research team has been compiling more info on many of the WBC competitors.  Here’s our guide to the national champs, including their tweeters, blogs, where they work, interviews & more.

If you have any info on any of the competitors not-yet-listed, use the contact form to send us deets. (blogs, hilarious stories, videos, twitter, and the like)

EL SALVADOR – Alenjandro Mendez

Alejandro returns, having competed in WBC 2010 in London. You may remember his spectacular signature drink that included “honey rain.”

Alenjandro’s WBC intro video: 

FINLAND – Lauri Pipinen

Lauri in Finnish final

He has a fantastic blog following his adventures to WBC here: On My Way to Bogota

He tweets here: @Ladaaa

Lauri works here at Kaffa Roastery in Helsinki

Some nice slideshow of the Finland finals here:

FRANCE – Ludovic Loizon

Ludovic of France

He works with Barista Bartender Solutions (BBS)

We also hear that Ludovic has some badass flair skills: 

GERMANY – Wolfram Sorg

he started a roasterie: Backyard Coffee

He tweets here: @wolfredo

And he has a very nice blog here:

GREECE – Stefanos Domitotis

Here’s a familiar face. Stefanos has been in the only returning competitor from the Finals of WBC 2010 – 6th Place. He also competed in WBC 2004, 2005, 2006

tweets: @Stefanosook


he makes coffee at: TAF Coffee, Athens

Great interview from Bean Scene mag (Australia) 

his WBC intro video: 

HUNGARY – Sandor Toth

Here’s Sandor teaching morning chat people about coffee: 

Sandor’s WBC intro video: 

IRELAND – Vicky Fitz-Henry

Vicky by CoffeeAngel

Here’s a video of her IBC presentation: 

She works at Butler’s Chocolate Cafe (the guy’s voice in the video will make you want some BTW)

ITALY – Francesco Sanapo


Competed in WBC 2010 London

He makes coffee at Caffe Corsini

He has a nice blog here:

Francesco’s WBC intro video: 

JAPAN – Miki Suzuki

she makes coffee @

Miki’s WBC intro video [Warning: Cute Overload]: 


Yakup wins in 2010

He works at Espresso Services West

Yakup’s WBC intro video: 

.  What a cutie!


NZ Champ Hide

he works at Crafted Coffee Co.

Interview with Hide from NZ television here.

NORWAY – Håkon Kinn

Håkon Winz by TVarney

tweets: @HakonKinn

Håkon has one of the best WBC personal blogs going:

Don’t miss this video that his been blowing up on Twitter and has a Passions cameo: 


Photo of the Semi-Finalists


Søren Stiller Markussen – Denmark

Raul Rodas – Guatemala

Fabrizio Sencion – Mexico

Kyle Straw – Canada

Ana Lucia Lardizabal De Hawit – Honduras

Mike Phillips – USA

Scottie Callaghan – Australia

Yara Castanho – Brazil

Thomas Schweiger – Germany

Colin Harmon – Ireland

Alejandro Mendez – El Salvador

Stefanos Domatiotis – Greece

Where are they now: Stephen Morrissey (2008)

Name: Stephen Morrissey (aka. Flying Thud)

Age: 27

Championship year: 2008, Copenhagen, Denmark

In the packed hall of a former meat house and sub tropical temperatures due to the excessive number of people who had poured in to watch the WBC, Stephen Morrissey will be remembered for two things:

1. “OH SHIT,” he proclaimed to the judges as part of his signature drink muffin like features fell into the ice bath on which they were resting. Following an onstage recovery Stephen qualified for the final.

2. One of the best WBC performance soundtracks ever played. Discussions of a compilation album never came to fruition but to this day no other barista has ever got so many (Irish) people dancing in the bleachers.

These days he divides his time between sweet home Chicago, Los Angeles and any other number of amazing international destinations as an important guy within the US based coffee roaster and retailer Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea.

Colin Harmon, Gentle Giant.

Colin Harmon