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Re-live the winning performance from the 2010 WBC

Michael Phillips – World Barista Champion 2010


Fashions from the Field: WBC 2010

Shoes, socks and ties are SO hot right now.

London Fashion Report day 1 & 2

tight shirts, totally in

Annette's bob = totally hot

stripey shirts = totally in

Mike Phillips has right-sexy socks

a coffee person’s shoe

stripey socks are everywhere

Mike Yung listening to who-knows-what using a clipboard he obviously stole from the Volunteer kiosk

"We're getting a report of a fashion emergency backstage. Send back-up."

blue is the new stainless


Meanwhile, over at the WLAC

The title of World Latte Art Champion was taken this year by Haruna Murayama. Today she did a guest shift on the WBC brew bar and shared her milk skills with visitors to the show.

Schomer Does Strada

Competitors Arrival

Competitors from all over

Champion's Best Friends

Elvinator in the UK

WBC Brew Bar is stacked & packed, especially in the back

Competitors & Judges share a train to Olympia

Champions wait for their WBC credentials

Champs in the Stands

Kyle Canada Mike USA Fabrizio Mexico Soren Denmark

Where are they now: Stephen Morrissey (2008)

Name: Stephen Morrissey (aka. Flying Thud)

Age: 27

Championship year: 2008, Copenhagen, Denmark

In the packed hall of a former meat house and sub tropical temperatures due to the excessive number of people who had poured in to watch the WBC, Stephen Morrissey will be remembered for two things:

1. “OH SHIT,” he proclaimed to the judges as part of his signature drink muffin like features fell into the ice bath on which they were resting. Following an onstage recovery Stephen qualified for the final.

2. One of the best WBC performance soundtracks ever played. Discussions of a compilation album never came to fruition but to this day no other barista has ever got so many (Irish) people dancing in the bleachers.

These days he divides his time between sweet home Chicago, Los Angeles and any other number of amazing international destinations as an important guy within the US based coffee roaster and retailer Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea.