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Half Calibrated Judges

The WBC Judge’s completed part I of the WBC calibration and secret pre-competition rituals at the British Medical Association. Part II on Tuesday before they move the show to Olympia.

judgie tastey many many good coffee

Lauro & Giovanni, team NS

HJIT* Morrissey leads a discussion (*head-judge-in-training)

tech judges do tech talk


WBC Certified Judges Prepare

While many will be out and about enjoying coffee in London the next two days, a dedicated group of coffee pros will be behind closed-doors working away in a not-so-coffee-orientated location in London preparing for the big competition.

Locked inside a secret location of the British Medical Association (home of many many past coffee events and seminars – hee hee), the WBC judges will be guided through a series of discussions, exercises, role-plays, and coffee tasting that will sharpen their skills and warm up their palates.

31 Certified Judges from New Zealand, Japan, USA, Canada, Australia, UK, France, Guatemala, Mexico, Greece, Zambia and Ireland will be tasting coffee and sharpening their skills to be able to dedicate their tongues, sniifers and skillz for the 53 national champions.

don't bother the judges as they calibrate here