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Ultimate Barista Showdown Videos by @hasbean [WTF?]

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Where are they now: @klaus_thomsen (2006)

Name: Klaus Thomsen

Age: 29

Championship year: 2006

When the trophies for the WBC were awarded in Bern no one quite knew the impact of the infamous GOAT.

Auctioned annually as part of the Nordic Cup to raise money for charity the original goat trophy won by Klaus is almost as famous as the man himself.

Now, when not wishing his face ended up on the all new Aeropress box, he works with a stupidly talented pool of coffee professionals in Copenhagen, Denmark as part of The Coffee Collective, and he’s a really awesome guy.

Where are they now: Stephen Morrissey (2008)

Name: Stephen Morrissey (aka. Flying Thud)

Age: 27

Championship year: 2008, Copenhagen, Denmark

In the packed hall of a former meat house and sub tropical temperatures due to the excessive number of people who had poured in to watch the WBC, Stephen Morrissey will be remembered for two things:

1. “OH SHIT,” he proclaimed to the judges as part of his signature drink muffin like features fell into the ice bath on which they were resting. Following an onstage recovery Stephen qualified for the final.

2. One of the best WBC performance soundtracks ever played. Discussions of a compilation album never came to fruition but to this day no other barista has ever got so many (Irish) people dancing in the bleachers.

These days he divides his time between sweet home Chicago, Los Angeles and any other number of amazing international destinations as an important guy within the US based coffee roaster and retailer Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea.

Half Calibrated Judges

The WBC Judge’s completed part I of the WBC calibration and secret pre-competition rituals at the British Medical Association. Part II on Tuesday before they move the show to Olympia.

judgie tastey many many good coffee

Lauro & Giovanni, team NS

HJIT* Morrissey leads a discussion (*head-judge-in-training)

tech judges do tech talk

Where are they now: Paul Bassett (2003)

Name: Paul Bassett

Age: 32

Championship year: 2003, Boston, USA.

After the Win: The first of the real rOcKsTaR WBC Champions, Paul Bassett has arguably benefited most lucratively from his WBC win. A television show called Living Coffee was commissioned, endorsements from BMW and Sunbeam and number of retail stores in Japan and South Korea. Back in Australia, he also has his own brand of Paul Bassett Championship Espresso.

Photo Credit: Mark Prince (Coffeegeek)

Where are they now: Tim Wendelboe (2004)

Name: Tim Wendelboe

Age: 30 and a bit

Championship year: 2004, Trieste, Italy

After the win: Tim returned to his home town of Oslo, where with the help of many awesome Norwegian people he opened TW – a small coffee house and roastery. He regularly travels to origin to buy and taste coffees and has active relationship programs in Colombia, Kenya and India.

Photo Credit: Tim Varney

Four more days….

Outgoing WBC Champion Gwilym Davies has been spotted back in London after a weekend sojourn to Wales. He’ll be onsite at Olympia, Kensington Wednesday through Friday signing autographs and asking, “don’t you know who I am?”